During the creation of renewed “Siker” Sport Carrier Tracking Software, we cooperated with the Debrecen Sports School and the University Of Debrecen to provide an overall system to sport organizations, which helps their financial administration and to improve coach effectiveness and the quality of training.

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The system follows the development of athletes performances with general and sport-specific tests, training plans, competition results and statistics. The built-in anthropometry and psychology module helps you find the next elite athletes.

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The new responsive design gives you better user experience on any device and guarantees efficient administration even beside the field.


On the athletes’ data sheet all the personal information can be recorded that is required for the coaches and sport organization. It includes parents and school information, card numbers, clothing sizes, equipment inventory informations, results of the athletes and contact details. The profile has a direct access to competition results, training attendance statistics, fee registrations, anthropometry and psychology module.

Beyond the managing of attendance sheet, the coach can record sport-specific and performance test, training and competition plans, and also result reports.

The economic module makes the membership fee records simple and transparent. After providing the required data, fees and discounts for each section, you can easily follow the payments and obligations.

Various statistics help the work of sport organizations with data which are recorded in the system. You can use the records to follow the development of the athletes, the efficiency of the coaches, and the operation of the organisation. The data exported to an excel can help you in completing an application.

The easy-to-use and transparent calendar can be viewed daily, weekly, monthly windows. Not only the whole organization but also a selected section can be viewed.

The message centre feature supports the communication between users of the system, and messages can be sent to the selected users and groups, divisions or both.




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